Bhojanyan foods whole Shahi jeera (Black cumin)


  • An essential part of exotic, rich spice blends which form a quintessential part of Indian Cuisine.
  • Kala jeera is used in small amounts because of its exotic, flowery flavor; Definitely used in Biryanis and Curries.


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  • Cumin seeds are elongated, oval and long. They range from sage-green to tobacco-brown in colour and have longitudinal ridges. Another variety of cumin is black cumin (‘kala jeera’, ‘shahi jeera’ or ‘siya jeera’): the seeds are dark brown to black and are smaller and finer than cumin.
  • The smell of cumin is distinctive; it can be described as strong and bitter and is usually loved or hated.
  • Cumin has a warm, somewhat bitter taste.
  • It is available whole as seeds, or crushed to a powder, which is often blended with ground coriander to form a widely used mixture called ‘dhana-jeera’. This combination is one of the essential spice blends used in Indian cookery. Toasted cumin powder gives a lift to many curries and yogurt-based raitas.

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